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Iona Douglas is the full package for copy edits: pinpoint grammar accuracy, a keen eye for readability, and an invaluable second opinion to have when tightening prose.
— H. S. Hayes, novelist and military historian. @HHKnowsNothing
I hired Iona as a freelance editor for some projects I was working on after seeing a sample of her work online. She has completed a range of complex projects for me since then and has always done so with great enthusiasm and patience. I was particularly impressed with Iona’s ability to offer creative suggestions and refreshing input into my work, something that has provided priceless value to my content. I highly recommend Iona to anyone looking for a next level, quality service.
— Hannah Brennan, Director GIFT Recruitment Services.

I love books. I love writing books, reading books and editing books. When I'm not editing, reading or writing fiction I teach English. Teaching has proved invaluable to my development as a writer and editor and I pride myself in working with writers who speak English as a second or third language. I can tell you exactly why that modal verb is wrong or why you should have used the past perfect instead of the past simple. My goal is to help you refine your story, no matter your objective, be it to refine your skill as a writer or find the right agent for your work.

I will help you refine your sentence structure, fix your grammatical errors and highlight frequent writing mistakes you are making. As a writer and English teacher, I understand the importance of delivering a fast, professional service to you.

I usually work with authors of speculative fiction and fantasy, both adult and young adult. I have also edited websites for recruitment services and essays for university students. The best way to find out if we'd be a good match is to contact me here. Please let me know what you would like me to edit, as well as the length, be it fiction, essays or web content.

I will edit your first chapter for free, to give you a taste of my work. If you choose to work with me after that I charge $30 per 10 pages of text in either 12 point Courier or Times New Roman.

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