Phrasal verbs quiz (C1)

Phrasal Verbs Quiz (C1)

to watch out for, to iron out, to account for, to abide by, to die down, to cut down on, to put up with, to call off, to put off, to turn down, to own up to, to clamp down on, to fall through, to run into, to bump into, to nod off, to look down on, to look up to, to brush up on, to keep up with, to catch up with, to get on with, to bring up, to back up, to advise against, to use up, to run out of, to wipe up. 


Using the phrasal verbs above, please complete the following sentences. You may need to change the verb tense. The answers are at the bottom of the page. 


  1. I am not a criminal! I always __________ the rules.

  2. If you don’t __________ your differences, you will stay in your bedrooms all day.

  3. What conditional is question 2?

  4. I’m so tired after work. I can’t help ____________ on the bus.

  5. How do you ____________ being late? I hope you have a good excuse!

  6. I look awful today, I hope I don’t __________ anyone I know in the supermarket today.

  7. I have not studied phrasal verbs for some time. I need to ____________ them.

  8. If the weather had not been so bad, we wouldn’t have _______________ the festival.

  9. What conditional is question 8?

  10. I don’t _____________ my colleagues. They are very annoying, but I’m a professional so I __________ them.

  11. The police are __________________ illegal parking in the area.

  12. That restaurant is too expensive. I would ___________ going there.

  13. We have ________________ milk. Please could you go to the shop and buy some more?

  14. Don’t __________ all of the water. We only have a few bottles for the rest of the walk.

  15. _______________ the monkeys when you go on safari. They are quite mischievous and sometimes attack people’s cars!

  16. My doctor told me that I need to ___________ the amount of sugar I eat.

  17. We’ll go outside when the storm has _____________.

  18. I’m too tired today. Please can we ____________ our class until tomorrow?

  19. He asked her to marry him on New Year’s Eve, but she _____ him _______.

  20. This is your last chance! If you don’t _____________ eating the chocolate cake, I won’t let you see your friends for two weeks.

  21. I have a great idea for how we can improve productivity at work! I’ll _________ it ____ in the meeting tomorrow.

  22. I really __________ my grandmother, she is the strongest woman I know.

  23. I’ve not spoken to my mother for three weeks. We need to ___________ each other.

  24. I’m not sure I will be able to ___________ you in the marathon tomorrow. I’m not as fit as you.

  25. Our holiday plans _______________ because of the earthquake.

  26. Please ___________ the juice from the table before I put the plates down.




  1. abide by

  2. iron out

  3. First conditional

  4. nodding off

  5. account for

  6. bump into/run into

  7. brush up on

  8. called off

  9. Third conditional

  10. get on with, put up with

  11. clamping down on

  12. advise against

  13. run out of

  14. use up

  15. watch out for

  16. cut down on

  17. died down

  18. put off

  19. turned (him) down

  20. own up to

  21. bring it up

  22. look up to

  23. catch up with

  24. keep up with

  25. fell through

  26. wipe up